Feb 25 2012


The courageous, patriotic men and women, who serve in the Armed Forces and happen to love someone of the same sex and want to devote their lives to them, should not be discriminated against by their government simply because an opposite-sex marriage is considered inherrently “better” than a same-sex one, or because a subset of the population objects to same-sex marriage because of religious reasons. This is archaic, unjust, and is certainly unbecoming as a supposed example of a “land of the free.”

Marriage is a committment. It can be religious, and it can also be secular. For instance, I can go to Judiciary Square in DC and get married by a government official. This is an entirely legal transaction and my Faith does not play a part in this. So to those, like Nathaniel Thomas, who object to same-sex marriage because “marriage” is a religious term, your argument is irrelevant. Marriage is not exclusively a religious term. So you may restrict who is married in your church, but you may not restrict who is married outside of it. And as such, don’t restrict my religious freedom by effectively legislating your faith onto me. I have my own, and I was under the impression I would be guaranteed to freely practice it in America.

I’m an American service member. I fight for your freedom to practice your religion how you please. I fight for your right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I fight to protect our Christian citizens, our Muslim citizens, and our Atheist citizens. I fight so YOU can be free to live how you see fit.

-U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jonathan Mills in Outserve Magazine